Every big conquer begins gradually and so our history as well

In 1958 my father, Luigi Pollam, and his brother Lino started to build the current Berg Latemar Spitze. It took two years to build it and, starting from 1960, different people have been running the hotel for 17 years.

At the time my father used to work day and night as a truck driver and I was still attendeding the third year of high school...but few years after we would have changed our lives and began a new adventure: In 1977 my father had the idea that we could try to run the hotel by ourselves and become hotel managers.

  • Fortune favours the bold

    Few experience but much passion

    In 1977 my father had the brave idea to run his own family hotel. We did not have any experience but, everybody knows, fortune favours the bold. Hiring the cook Tina Dantone and assigning every family member a role, we decided to try it out.

    I could just rely on a two seasons experience as cook apprentice, my mum was the receptionist and my brother was the assistant chef. Hiring the necessary employees, we inaugurated in the end of May. We did not have many reservations, but we were determined and wanted to make it.

    That Summer in 1977, my mum, my brother, the first team of the Hotel Berg Latemar Spitze and I gave it try and started this new adventure: passion and courage compensated for the lack of experience...this was the beginning of everything.

    Zwischen sonnigen Sonnen und einigen Gewittern

    And so began the history of the Berg Hotel Latemar Spitze

    as we know it today. Since several years our family is running this hotel with passion. The loyalty and the affection of our clients reward the efforts we have made during these years.

    My wife Paola, my children Francesca and Gabriele, my sister Teresa and I keep working together, helping each other and growing together.

    During these years, in which our family has been running the hotel, it took shape, from the first buildups and renovations to the actual hotel that we love and our guests like. Many things have happend since the beginning of our adventure, between highs and lows, between sunny days and some storms.

    Herzlichen Dank

    Thank you very much

    Thanks to our sacrificies, our efforts, our passion and our enthusiasm during these years, today we are able to tell you our history. For this reason, I would like to thank you all the people who have made all this possible, with their hard work and their passion: I am really grateful.

    To my mother Giulia, who was our point of reference on which we could count, for any advice or help, who was an example to us, for our lifes and our work. Thanks to my wife Paola, for the permanent big help and support. Thanks to our wonderful children, Francesca and Gabriele, who help us working as weill. Thanks to my sister Teresa, who grew up with me and has been working with us for years, with passion and love to this job.

    And, last but not least, thanks to our former and actual employees, who have been very helpful throughout these years.

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